Soft Robotic Cervix

We give birth to a robotic human body, starting from the cervix. The conceived robotic body looks and feels natural and enhances simulation training of healthcare students.

The existing simulation training gear is outdated for 20 years from the robotics perspective. Only static features such as size and elasticity of the human body are simulated. In simulation training, dynamic properties are most attractive.
The simulation training worldwide has yet not experienced the advantages of dynamic simulation training gear. Not before the new technology has been made available and demonstrated, the need is not conceived.

Modern soft robotics technology developed at the University of Tartu offers an effective solution to this challenging task. We offer much more than static snapshots of dynamic processes: the anisotropic features and shape-morphism render the robotic cervix as an indistinguishable representation of the natural wonder of birth-giving.
Simulation training is made more realistic.


The target group and our clients are health education institutions and medical schools. There simulation training plays an important role in creating realistic situations for students in training.